Dental / Medical / CAD-CAM Compressors

Hygiene and safety are the keywords for every health professional, and all the equipment used must live up to these high standards: the well-being of the patient is a priority both for the doctor and for Nardi Compressori, which supplies compressors for dentists, dental technicians, clinical studies, laboratories and CAD / CAM processes.

Our every decision is made thinking first of the patient’s health and operator safety: the research and development activity is guided by this responsibility, thus ensuring clean air without pollutants with CE certified solutions.

This commitment is based on our constant drive towards innovation and on our promise of quality: health and safety are accompanied by high durability, reduced noise and vibrations, ease of use even in centralized systems and large spaces customization.

  1. Oil free to avoid residues to be removed and air contamination, for greater patient safety, reduced maintenance requirements and longer device life
  2. Special internal painting to preserve the air quality and the life of the tank
  3. Noise and vibration reduction for greater operator and patient comfort
  4. Optional antibacterial filter with CE marking for medical devices