Breathing Air and Diving Compressors

Air is life and so all those who depend on breathing equipment must have the guarantee that they are using the best technology for their own safety.

Our breathing air compressors offer this certainty thanks to our constant commitment to research and development, and our dedication to testing and quality controls: every day divers and firefighters around the world know they can count on the commitment of Nardi Compressori.

Our technology thus puts itself at the service of the safety of athletes and emergency response units, and gives life to solutions suitable for every need and type of application, always in accordance with the EN 12021 standard: we range from 60 to 850 lpm with different canopies. and the addition of high-performance and PED-certified filtrations, facilitating interface accessibility, ease of use and integration into centralized systems.

  1. Latest generation materials with long-life surface and thermal treatments
  2. Advanced electronics for compressor management, air quality, assistance and communication
  3. Customization of electronic board parameters, data monitoring and MOD-BUS communication system for centralized control of multiple compressors
  4. Over 20,000 hours of operation with adequate maintenance